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Zissto Jain Rajma Masala

Jain Rajma Masala. Break into Monday with a kick of spice. craving for the perfect rajma chawal in this cloudy weather? No worries follow these few simple steps and enjoy! INGREDIENTS - Soaked rajma ( as per requirement), Salt, Zissto Jain chole masala, coriander for garnishing. So what are you waiting for?

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Jain Rajmah Masala

Jain Rajmah Masala Ingredients  Rajmah-500 Gms Salt – ½ tsp. Oil – 1 tsp. Chopped coriander leaves-1 tsp. Zissto Jain Chole cooking sauce- 250 Gms Method Soak 500 Gms of Rajmah in enough water overnight. Drain water and add fresh water and pressure cook for around 8 whistles. Make sure the Rajmah is boiled and soft. Empty entire contents of Zissto Jain Chole cooking sauce in a kadai. Add 100 ml of water in the empty bottle, cover the lid and shake well to mix the remaining sauce in the bottle and add it to the sauce in the kadai Heat the kadai and bring it to a boil. Add the boiled Rajmah along with the boiling liquid to the...

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Jain Pav Bhaji

Jain Pav Bhaji Ingredients: Boiled raw banana- 3 no’s Cauliflower– 1 cup Green peas- 1 katori Capsicum- 1 small medium size Tomatoes- 2 no’s Zissto Jain pav bhaji cooking paste- 250 Gms Oil- 1 tbsp. Butter- 30 Gms Chopped coriander leaves- 1 tbsp. Salt- to taste   Method: Boil whole green banana with skin in a pressure cooker for 3 whistles till they are well cooked Boil cauliflower & green peas separately Peel the bananas and mash along with boiled peas and keep aside Chop green capsicum and tomatoes and keep aside Heat some oil in a thick bottomed pan add chopped green capsicum and chopped tomatoes, sauté for a minute. Now add Zissto Jain Pav Bhaji cooking paste in...

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